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Healthy Office

The average worker is sick 9.3 days per year but that can explode if you are not cleaning the right hotspots in your office.

Improve health & wellbeing with targeted deep-cleaning & disinfection.

Health Care

Maintaining the highest healthcare standards is near impossible if you are just relying on everyday cleaning.  

Improve patient care & reduce visitor risk with periodical deepcleaning & emergency disinfection.

Schools can be high illness transmission zones for people.  However you can avoid this pain if you invest in proactive choices.    

Improve student health & performance with periodical deepcleaning & disinfection

Healthy School

Travel Industry

Airlines, cruise ships and

hotels can all be negatively impacted by pathogens  that cause havoc to passengers & your business.

Destroy all pathogens & give customers peace of mind with our disinfection service.  



We live in a virus affected world that can seriously impact the health & wellbeing of the environments in which we live & work.  HealthyClean strives to keep you safe & healthy.  


We DEEP-clean for higher quality results & sanitize to protect against unwanted pathogens. 


Every-day cleaning is just surface cleaning.  If you want higher standards you need to periodically deepclean to tackle deep seated dirt and stubborn germs.  


We disinfect to meet strict government regulations and because it’s the best method to kill pathogens.   


Started in 2008 to improve commercial facility health & wellbeing and that remains our #1 mission today!


Why choose us:

15+ years experience

Health & Wellbeing focus 


Competitive pricing

City & country servicing

Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction or you pay nothing.

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safety very seriously!"
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